Air polishing, GBT Airflow and Stain removal

We are delighted to introduce ‘Air Polishing’ to Lion House Dental Practice!

Air Polishing, a technique developed since 1945 has been distinguished as an effective form of stain removal for your teeth.

This technique uses compressed air to blow aluminum oxide particles onto the tooth surface to gently remove stains, giving you a fresh feeling and radiant smile.

Results are visible instantaneously!

We have a selection of polishing pastes to leave a refreshing taste after your treatment.

Polishing Flavours: OrangeBerryMintCherryLemon and many more

  1. PAINLESS! No Needles, No drowning in water and no sensitivity!
  2. Removes 100% of dental plaque – preventing decay and gum disease
  3. Removes stubborn staining caused by drinking coffee, tea, red wine and smoking
  4. Instant results, leaving teeth feeling smooth and not scratched
  5. Far more effective than traditional hand scaling
  6. No heat generated by the procedure
  7. Can be used on Dental Implants

Air polishing and regular hygiene appt

£10030 mins

Air Polishing alone

£10030 mins

Air Polishing for Denplan Patients

£3030 mins

We have already generated so much interest and spaces are filling up fast!

Book now by calling our friendly reception team today!

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